Life would be so much less complicated if we could all just walk around naked. Or at least bottomless. Please can we all start going bottomless? Because our clothes aren't doing us any favors.

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A new survey found the majority of us have had a wardrobe malfunction and we usually have a few every year. Here are the eight most common issues.

  1. A broken zipper.
  2. Your gut peeking out of the bottom of your shirt.
  3. Tight jeans giving you a muffin top.
  4. Clothing that's accidentally see through.
  5. When you split your pants. That says SPLIT, people.
  6. Underwear that gives you a visible wedgie.
  7. Wearing clothes that accentuate any bulge in your stomach area.
  8. Wearing socks with sandals. Not sure that's really a "wardrobe malfunction." More like a malfunction in your wardrobe selection process.

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