There's something about staying in a hotel that brings out the evil side in all of us. A new survey found the most common bad things we do at hotels.


Check 'em out:

  1. Staying in the room after check-out time, 52%.
  2. Having more people in the room than you paid for, 41%.
  3. Stealing something from the room, 39%.
  4. Lying to get an upgrade, 33%.
  5. Doing something illegal in the room, like drugs, 24%.
  6. Drinking out of the minibar and filling the bottles with water, 16%.
  7. Having an affair in the room, 11%.
  8. Vandalizing the room, 9%.
  9. Having an "accident," like getting sick and throwing up on the carpet, 8%.
  10. Having sex in the elevator, 5%.

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