On this date in 2011, Clarence Anicholas Clemons, Jr. died from complications of a stroke 6 days earlier.  Everybody knows him from The E Street Band .. but not everybody knows that he was an offensive lineman at then Maryland State (now UMES) and good enough to have tryouts with the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys in 1968.  One week before that, he was in a terrible auto accident and his football days were taken away.  He appeared in a few movies and television shows, but his music defined him.  A brilliant sax player that was always introduced last by Bruce Springsteen during band member introductions...in such a way that it generated thunderous applause and never failed to cause "goose bumps".  He was a rock and roll legend that unfortunately never saw his hall of fame induction.  What took so long?  What ever it was, it never should have happened.