There's a lot to be constantly bummed about these days, but there are still a few things that make us happy: Dogs, "Game of Thrones", candy, and heavy drinking. So it only makes sense that we're lumping all of those together.


Whistle just released the results of a survey on dog naming trends right now. They found that "Game of Thrones" names are huge, including Arya and Snow. Almost two-thirds of the dogs who get "Game of Thrones" names get them from House Stark's direwolves: Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog, and Ghost.

People aren't naming their dogs after coffee anymore, except in Seattle. Names like Kona and Mocha are declining in popularity nationwide.

Giant dogs are most likely to get sports names. More than 20% of the dogs named after sports, athletes, and teams weigh over 90 pounds.

Names based on junk food are getting more popular, including things like Taffy, Twix, and Milano. Booze names are also hot, including things like Brandy, Guinness, and Whiskey.

Read more at Whistle.

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