Next time someone pops a bottle of champagne, have your glass ready to go. Apparently the first glass that gets poured from a bottle actually gets you the drunkest. Here comes the science.


It has to do with the fizziness. Once you pop the cork, the carbon dioxide that's dissolved in the champagne starts escaping as gas bubbles. Those bubbles make your stomach absorb alcohol faster.

The first glass from a bottle of champagne has the most bubbles and is also the coldest. That matters because the colder the champagne is, the more carbon dioxide it retains. Those bubbles will keep forming, even after you drink it.

To really feel the effects, you want as many bubbles as possible to pop in your stomach. They start popping faster as the champagne gets warmer. So you want it to be cold, and let your body warm it up.

The colder the better, leave the bottle in the fridge until it's go time. Then try to get the first glass if you want the biggest buzz possible.

There's still the same amount of alcohol in warm, flat champagne. But it hits you slower than cold, fizzy champagne does. It's also why you get a quicker buzz with champagne than with normal white wine.

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