Ray Rice said all the right things today at his first meeting with the media since the 2-game suspension was handed down by the NFL for his attack against fiancé Jaynay that, according to prosecutors, included punching her during an argument in an elevator which rendered her unconscious, and dragging her out of the same elevator, all caught on surveillance video.

He spoke of letting down his mother, and taking ownership of the incident, which he wouldn't speak about any longer since he's moving on (and, I guess, so are we the fans and press if we know what's best for us.)  He spoke of when his kids see the video, and record of the incident on Google in the future, and how ashamed he will be for the 30- second mistake in his past. This one mistake he would be paying for long after the 2-game suspension was over.  I think he thinks that he's the one being persecuted.


In what world does the Abuser set the rules and tone?  His world. A world that also allows him to justify the use of violence toward a woman--one that he intends to marry and have his children.  It's not my world, nor one with which  I am remotely familiar.

Try to picture your family and friends, and they had seen you dragging your unconscious wife from an elevator.  Which one of your friends would stand for this?  From which of your friends would you accept this behavior?  Well, in Rice-world, where all your acquaintances are those indebted to you, or being paid by you, you can get away with anything. So what if you punch your wife and knock her out?  Even she will come to your defense (she met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to plead for lenience on behalf of her man, telling Goodell that Ray had never done anything like this before, promised to never do it again blah blah blah.  By the way, who else was in attendance in this meeting?  Ray Rice, and his support team.  Do you think he may have had a slight influence on what his wife was telling the Commish? Sounds like a textbook abuser to me.)

I could never imagine hitting a woman.  What kind of man does that?  The amount of entitlement you've been handed must be off the charts.  I think the only chance an abused woman has with an abuser is to get the hell out of that situation before the abuser wraps you in promises of change and respect.  The coward needs to admit his cowardice, and get de-programmed somehow.  What Ray Rice is doing is participating in a sham right now, and he is surrounded by a cast of enablers who will again be hurt or let down, or possibly worse, by his actions.

The NFL thinks this ought to take about 2 weeks.

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