The idea that it's okay to stop your life for a moment and reach back to some forgotten nugget in your past and highlight it is the worst thing about the internet.  Until this concept, bad hairstyles and clothing choices were secrets, kept by you and your friends until, many times, death.  Only to be resurrected while taping memories to a poster-board at a funeral home.  Then forgotten once more.

But now, simply due to consonance we are at the mercy of these awful reminders.  So instead I offer that were were fine when Thursdays were Thirsty.  We don't need to spend more time at church for 'Theology Thursday' or bring soup lunch to work because it's 'Thermos Thursday'.  Or, head to the doctors office for their big 'Thoracic Thursday' special.  Don't give in to the pressure, I say.

Well, now your most raw memories of failed relationships are back on the front burner, bubbling over in a spilling, scalding outpouring of frayed emotions.  Luckily, I have none of these issues, since all my choices have been spot-on, and I obviously am proud of all the decisions I ever made. So,

no sentimental rewind for me. The rest of you…gee whiz, have some pride.