Back in 1970, a young struggling band called "Genesis" put an ad in Melody Maker magazine (England) for a new drummer, and Phillip Collins answered it.  At his audition on this date, he was offered the gig.  And six years later after Peter Gabriel left the band, "Trick of the Tail" was released and Phil Collins became the front-man for them.  That was the new beginning for Genesis.

Through the 80's and early 90's Genesis flourished putting out their best albums and doing some amazing live shows.  And almost unbelievably, Phil's solo albums and career flourished simultaneously.  It almost never happens that way, but he was that good.  Then critics and fellow musicians turned on him, and his demeanor changed.  But what would happen to YOUR demeanor if you got bashed every week for 4 or 5 years?  He quit performing, and seriously reduced his playing time due to dislocated vertebrae in his neck. He still writes and spends some time in the studio, usually on the side of the mixing board.  But I always give Phil Collins a lot of respect and a lot of credit, because while Peter Gabriel was great ... Phil Collins transformed Genesis from a cool band with a cult-sized following to a Multi-Million dollar entity that left a much bigger mark on the world.