There's an age old idiom asking "does a bear crap in the woods" and I'm proud to say that we finally have the answer. The answer is that a bear will crap wherever it damn well pleases.

Here's the scene from yesterday in West Davenport out by the Honda plant, where listener Brandon caught Bruno walking through a backyard out close to West Lake. And if you watch you'll see he had to make a little "pit stop". Well, it wasn't so little in as it was actually quite large.

Listener Jen called to tell us that it was in fact her backyard where Bruno left his.... "leavings." Here's what she had to say.


Here are some pics she sent us too. Check em out.

Now, if you remember from yesterday, we're told to leave the bear alone and he'll eventually make his way where he needs to go.

Jeff Harrison from the Iowa DNR told us, "If you see that bear today, leave it alone. You can snap a picture and keep moving, but as soon as you stop, other people stop. Today, onlookers will be met by law enforcement. If you’re stopped on the highway today, you’ll get a citation. If you’re not wearing your seat belt, you’re getting a citation."

So leave Bruno alone.

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