Fox News is hosting the first GOP presidential debate between the top ten candidates Thursday night. Here's a fun drinking game you can play to make it a little more entertaining.

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From Reverb Press:

Drink ONCE any time a Republican candidate:

  • Says “Obamacare”
  • Compares themselves to Ronald Reagan
  • Says the phrase “free market”
  • Uses the word “Socialism”
  • Says the phrase “personal responsibility”
  • Mentions their own religion
  • One or more candidates cut each other off
  • Uses the phrase “failed presidency”
  • Proposes something so similar to another candidate that you can’t really tell the difference between their ideas
  • Donald Trump brags about himself
  • Mentions Iran and/ or the Iran deal

Drink TWICE any time a Republican candidate:

  • Confesses their love for Ronald Reagan
  • Talks about “illegals,” but you can tell they’re really talking about people of South
  • American descent in general
  • Complains about taxes
  • Mentions Benghazi
  • Says something negative about marriage equality
  • Says something about President Obama that you know, for a fact, isn’t actually true
  • Portrays all of Islam or all Muslims as terrorists
  • Attacks Hillary Clinton
  • One or more candidates are caught throwing Donald Trump a helping of evil eye
  • Jeb Bush is trying really hard to distance himself from his brother
  • Refers to America’s poor in a way that makes you believe they’ve never once missed a meal in their lives
  • Suggests, veiled or otherwise, that we should be bombing Iran instead of negotiating peacefully

Drink THREE TIMES any time a Republican candidate:

  • Quotes Ronald Reagan
  • Says something homophobic, sexist, and/ or racist
  • Says the phrase “pick themselves up by their bootstraps,” or some variation of that
  • Mentions Planned Parenthood in any way
  • Says something that would give either or both of the Koch brothers a chubby
  • Says the phrase “real America”
  • Mentions how many firearms they own
  • Attacks Bernie Sanders
  • Is asked a softball question by someone at Fox News
  • Plugs a book they wrote
  • Says a joke that no one who surpassed the fourth grade would find humorous
  • Promises to bust up one or more unions
  • Blames the recession on President Obama
  • Uses the phrase “mainstream media”

FINISH YOUR DRINK and open the next one any time a Republican candidate:

  • Confuses socialism, fascism, and/ or communism, in any combination
  • Compares the Republican Party or themselves to one or more civil rights leaders
  • Mentions President Obama’s birth certificate in any way
  • Argues that they’re more like Ronald Reagan than another candidate or multiple other candidates
  • Promises to shut down Planned Parenthood