Halloween is 10 days away. Since you're not going to come up with a genius costume at this point, why not just give in and wear what everyone else is wearing?

(Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)

The National Retail Federation surveyed 6,700 people, and found the 12 most popular Halloween costumes for adults this year. Check 'em out:

  1. Witch.
  2.  Some kind of animal, also includes sexy animals.
  3.  A character from "Batman".
  4.  Zombie.
  5.  A character from "Star Wars".
  6.  Pirate.
  7.  Vampire.
  8.  Superhero.
  9.  Doctor or nurse.
  10.  Political personality.
  11.  Horror movie character.
  12.  Wench/tart/vixen.

This map from a separate survey that shows the most popular costume in each state:


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Ladies, if you're having trouble picking out a costume, you can refer to the Girl's Costume Warehouse: