Back on this date in 1995, Alice Cooper began activities of his Charitable Organization called "Solid Rock" ... 10 years later, he and a handful of parents and civic leaders from his home in Phoenix  began the fundraising efforts for a community center of-sorts for local youth.  Citing it's need, Alice said..."there's lots of shootings going on, lots of meth going on, lots of gangs...and in the middle of all of it, there's a bunch of 12-13-14 year old kids that can go one way or the other..."  6 years later, the Solid Rock Teen Center was opened and with it's corporate sponsorships, donations and sales, etc., it thrives today.  Sometime when you're on line, check out ""  and when he opens for Motley Crue here at the IWC in November, be sure to give an extra few seconds of applause to a guy who has done far more good for his community than any of MY parents wealthiest friends ever dreamed of ...  how 'bout yours?