Oh man is this a gold-star-worthy freakout. A motorist in Texas started recording video after the park gate attendant stopped him and lost her mind.

The woman can be see speaking to a 911 dispatcher on her phone while standing in front of the recorder's truck. Amidst her screaming she falsely accuses the guy of running her over.

Here's how the situation started:

Accidentally steered down the wrong exit while leaving, this parks and rec worker happened to be outside. She saw me correct myself and I was about to leave the main exit point. At that point she started telling me she was calling the cops and I wasn’t allowed to leave.

The guy eventually left and was pulled over by the cops down the road. After explaining what happened and showing them the video, he was let go.

After the recording went viral, the attendant was fired.

Apparently this isn't her first freakout. Here's an undated video of a similar situation:

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