51-year-old Hayden Vandiver of Columbia, Tennessee hated his old boss, and couldn't stand being around his wife. So he came up with a brilliant plan to solve both of his problems.

He broke into the asphalt company where he used to work, stole his former boss's Dodge pickup truck, then drove it into a creek. He didn't even try to hide that he did it, because he wanted the cops to catch him.

After he was arrested, he explained to reporters why he did it. “It made me feel great because I know it will hurt him,” he said. “He’ll come in the next day and his little baby ain’t sitting there and it is four foot in a creek.”

It also solves his issues with his wife, now that he's in jail, it'll give him some time away from her and might even end their marriage. "She is having a bad time right now. She knows I did this to get away from her."

He was charged with burglary, vandalism, and driving under the influence.