15-year-old Hunter Gandee just completed the 3 day, 57 mile Cerebral Palsy Swagger in Michigan all while carrying his 8-year-old brother, Braden, who has Cerebral Palsy, on his back.

This is the second time the broters have completed this trek. From MLive.com:

Hunter and Braden Gandee were greeted with cheers as they marked the end of the second Cerebral Palsy Swagger walk to raise awareness of cerebral palsy, the neurological disorder Braden was born with.

The Gandee family walked from the Douglas Road Elementary School to the University of Michigan Pediatric Rehabilitation Center over the course of three days for the cause.

Previously, Hunter carried Braden 40 miles in the first event. This year, he added mileage and an extra day to visit more communities along the way.