18-year-old Melanie Salazar recently enrolled at Palo Alto College in San Antonio and her 82-year-old grandfather just started taking classes there too.

Rene Neira went to college for two years in the early '50s and wanted to major in economics. But then he got married, had kids, and never finished. So he took a few classes in the '70s and a bunch more after his wife passed away in 2009.

Now he's just one class away from getting his associate's degree. Melanie says he's been walking her to class and she's been helping him at the computer lab. Apparently he's not great with computers and doesn't have a cell phone. But he's getting it all done.

She also says she introduced him to some of her friends and they love him. Apparently he's not a huge partier. He also doesn't like all the attention he's been getting from the local news there. Rene says it's worth it if it inspires other people to continue their education.

Which is something he still wants to do by the way. Once he gets his associate's degree, he's planning to enroll at the University of Texas and get his bachelor's in economics.

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