Jodie Farnetti hit the high school jackpot. She was crowned Homecoming Queen and she scored a field goal at her father's last home game as head coach.

"My husband has been coaching the high school, which is also his alma mater, for the past 23 years," Jodie's mother Angie Farnetti told ABC News. "We only have two girls, no boys. When Jodie was 10, her dad taught her how to kick, and she would always be kicking a football while waiting for her dad and the football team's practice to be over."

Jodie's father Gregory Farnetti told ABC News that for a while now, people have joked that "one of these days Jodie might kick for ya'll," but he said that "Jodie loved softball and cheerleading too much."

ABC News

Homecoming queen Jodie Farnetti makes history with her point after touchdown kick in West Blocton's Homecoming victory over Oak Grove 19-7.she scored the final point in her dad's final home game . GO TIGERS !

Posted by Brian Wallace on Friday, October 16, 2015