If you haven't heard of "Pokemon Go", it's a new cell phone game that came out last week and it immediately became a massive hit.


It's not like other video games, mainly because it requires fresh air and physical activity. You walk around outside with your phone out and when Pokemon monsters appear in front of you on the screen, you try to capture them.

Well, less than one week in, it's already led to one crazy result. 19-year-old girl Shayla Wiggins in Riverton, Wyoming was playing "Pokemon Go" on Friday morning.

She wandered down toward a river to try to find a water-type Pokemon. Instead, she found a dead body. To her credit, she stopped trying to find Pokemon characters and immediately called 911.

“[The police] didn’t really know what [Pokemon Go] was. They’re were just like ‘okay,’” Shayla said. “I was like, extremely scared, I didn’t know what to do…I was shaking and crying.”

The cops say they're trying to identify the body, but they think the guy died by accident.

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