It seems like we've seen a million clown-sighting stories in the past few months. So here we go again.


18-year-old Alexsandra Conley called the cops on Saturday, and said she was on her way to work when a guy dressed as a clown ran up and attacked her with a knife.

She claimed he was in full clown regalia, with a red wig, white make-up and a teardrop on his left cheek. He jumped over a fence, waved a knife in the air, and slashed her thumb.

Cops and paramedics showed up, but the cut wasn't very deep. And the girl was pretty calm about the whole thing, which seemed weird for someone who'd just been slashed by a crazy clown.

The police started pressing her for more details, and she eventually admitted she made the whole thing up because she was running late for her job at McDonald's, and didn't want to get fired.

There's no word on whether or not she still has a job. But she's facing charges for filing a false police report.

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