Ashley Zehnder is a 24-year-old biology teacher in Pasadena, Texas, near Houston and she also coaches cheerleading. At least she did... She might have trouble finding another job after this.

Earlier this month, Ashley asked to talk to a school administrator, and said one of her students had somehow gotten a naked photo of her, which he'd been sending to other students. Her best guess was that he used her phone without her knowing it. Telling someone would have been the smart thing for Ashley to do, if any of that was true. But, once the school started looking into it, a 17-year-old male cheerleader revealed he and Ashley had been sleeping together.

(Pasadena Police Department)

There were a bunch of text messages on his phone to prove it and it turns out she originally sent him the naked photo over Snapchat. Ashley was in court yesterday, where a judge set her bail at $10,000. She's facing felony charges for having an improper relationship with a student.

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By the way, Ashley's engaged according to her Facebook page. No word on whether or not that's still the case though.