Joey and Katie are one trip away to the DMV from being fully licensed drivers.  So I thought, "Better get Joey behind the wheel of the Shelby."

Well, that escalated quickly.  Next thing I know, we are discussing the tenuous relationship between clutch and gas, when we chirp forward and away we go!  I predicted 9 stalls from our house to the High School.  Not to put pressure on him, but to take it off.  If you expect to stall, you can be less frustrated when you do, and get right back into the art of driving.  By the return trip, we were only stalling, well, every time we had to stop.  But the next time will be better.

I can only imagine how bad my first stick-shift experience was, driving Mike Ryan's Chevette home from a party because he was, well, under the weather.  Midnight, and I am grinding through the gears like I'm driving Bristol.  The car smelled slightly like burning clutch by the time we arrived at his old man's place.  And vomit...a lot of vomit.

Hope that wasn't due to my first time driving a stick, but after surviving Joey's escapade, it probably was....