Record stores are (and have been) a dying breed.  We all have stories of driving or riding our bikes to the record store and going through the shelves and shelves of vinyl, tapes, CD's and finding that album you've been searching for or a new one you didn't know would change your life.  I somehow had to get 14 miles away from home to Sterling's Northland Mall before I could experience that.  So, it was a BIG BIG deal to get the opportunity to kill time while my mom was in Bergner's.

So with the introduction of MP3s people stopped buying albums.  Around 10 years ago, a movement was put forth to try and save these record stores that were so vital to many of our upbringings.  Big name artists got together and released rare songs that you could ONLY get by going into one of these independent record stores and giving them your business.

Cut to the biggest metal band ever.  Metallica this year decides to do something super cool!  "No Life Til Leather" is a big deal in 'Tallica Lore.  It was their first demo recorded in 1982 that got circulated and eventually got them signed.  But for some reason, you can buy it online on

Isn't the point of "record store day" to get traffic into "record stores"?  If Metallica offers online purchase and shipping, where's the incentive to help drive traffic to these independent retailers?  Go to Coop Records Moline or Clinton

This Saturday!  Bring your kids to get them their first album.

I don't care where you go. Just go!