If there's one thing most Americans can agree on, it's that the pseudo-Mexican food they sell at Taco Bell is irresistibly delicious and cheap.  Well, one of those things, at least.  If you've ever lived within a mile of one, you know.

Now there's a chance you'll be able to eat it every day... until you eventually die from a massive heart attack.

To promote their new dollar menu, Taco Bell is holding a contest where you can win $10,000, their version of free food for life. For 11 days in a row, 11 Taco Bells in different cities will be handing out a regular $1 bill as change.

Then they're posting the serial number for that dollar bill online.  If you find it, you win a $10,000 gift certificate.  That's what they're calling a "lifetime supply" based on what the average customer spends, which breaks down to about $216 a year for 46 years.

They started in Los Angeles yesterday, and posted a video with the first serial number on the website EverlastingDollars.com.  They haven't announced all the other cities yet.  You just have to check that website each day.