Here are two things to consider before you scream at a fast food worker. You look like a jerk, and minimum wage isn't always enough to keep them from beating the crap out of you.


23-year-old Duane Massie was working at a Taco Bell in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, when a 63-year-old guy walked in after they screwed up his order.

He didn't want it fixed, he just wanted his money back, and he was super angry about it. According to police, he and Duane exchanged some "very strong words."

Then after he left, Duane clocked out and followed him into the parking lot to keep arguing. Either his shift ended, or he's just really conscious about company time.

Anyway, one of his coworkers came out to calm them both down, and the guy shoved her. So Duane punched him, and started kicking him while he was on the ground. It turns out he studies Muay Thai, so it wasn't a light beating.

The guy ended up with a bruised-up face and must have already been dealing with some sort of health issue, because he had a catheter in his arm that ruptured. So he started bleeding everywhere.

He had to have surgery to stop the bleeding, but should be okay. It's not clear if he's in trouble for shoving Duane's coworker, but Duane is facing charges for aggravated assault.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

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