Sushi is delicious. You might even want to eat it all the time. At least until you hear this story, which might make you never want to eat it again.

Dr. Kenny Bahn in Fresno, California just shared the story of a patient who came in last August.

The guy said he ate sushi basically every day, but then, last summer, he started feeling kind of strange. He had serious diarrhea, and it was bloody. Oh, and that's not even the grossest part of this story.

One day, he was on the toilet with his diarrhea and he felt something dangling out of him, you know, down there. He was afraid it was part of his intestines, but he kept pulling and pulling until it came out.

Good news: It wasn't his intestines. Bad news: It was a five-and-a-half foot tapeworm.

Dr. Bahn says the tapeworm was probably in a piece of salmon sushi the guy ate, and grew inside of him for at least six months. Fortunately, the guy is okay but he says he's done with sushi.

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