42-year-old Carlos Mariotti of Orleans, Brazil is a factory worker, and recently had a horrible accident at work where all of the skin was ripped off his left hand. It looked like the hand was going to have to be amputated.

His doctors thought of a crazy solution. They realized they could save the hand if they could keep it in a safe, sterile place. So they made a cut in Carlos' stomach, turned it into a pouch, and sewed the hand inside.

Carlos says, "It's a really weird feeling trying to wiggle my fingers and seeing my tummy protrude slightly as I prod around."

Doctors say that in about six weeks, the hand should develop enough new tissue that they can take it out of his stomach and do a skin graft. It won't ever get its full function back, but they say, "He will have a working hand and at least this is a better quality of life compared to having an amputated hand."

Carlos Mariotti

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