Jolie Bernal was surfing in Ventura, California this month, when she saw a guy breaking into her friend's car.

Her friend actually saw the guy first, and they both started paddling in to shore. But Jolie managed to catch a wave, so she got to the beach first. Then she jumped off her board, ran to the car, grabbed the guy by the collar, yanked him out and started punching him.

Jolie Bernal

She says her adrenaline was going pretty good, so she doesn't remember exactly what happened next. They ended up wrestling on the ground in front of the car, and she held him down. Her friend says there were actually a bunch of guys around. But they just stood there watching until one of them finally called 911.

The guy she handed the beat-down to was 59-year-old Gordon Gleason, and she was still holding onto him when the cops showed up. He's facing charges for vehicle burglary.

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