I'm not your typical "grab a salad from your backyard" veggie eater.  My wife has a garden every year, and swaps foods with a few other neighborhood gardens, and we usually have a pretty good variety of veggies ripening on the counter.  Today, I crossed a line into uncharted yummy-burger territory.

I've mentioned previously my go-to Summer burger cheat, using the frozen patties, beer and whiskey to bring out the best in a $.50 burger.  But today I added a slice of deep-fried zucchini from a neighbors garden and that, honestly, was a mind scramble.  I feel somewhat dumb for not having tried this idea before.  This magic moment was second only to maybe the first time I had a pineapple slice on a burger.

So don't pass on the zucchini next time...load up the burger and surprise yourself!

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