Two Indiana University students decided to test their will and sanity by staying inside Walmart for 48 consecutive hours.

Christian Perry says he was tired of it after half an hour, "I started really listening to the music and realized that it's just nonstop. And then the lighting and everything. ... I was starting to lose my mind. After a little bit you get into this state where you just feel out of it."

Perry along with Noah Maxwell passed the time by playing the video game demos, reading books, and listening to podcasts. They made a fort in the toilet paper section to grab some sleep during their marathon.

"We quickly realized if we buy stuff like every three hours, they can't really say anything to us because we're customers. So we spent a lot of money in there," Perry said. "I bought a bunch of gum and Noah kept buying food. ... We ate at the Subway in the store. We even got haircuts at the salon."

The only Walmart staff that was aware of their actions was a greeter that was working when they left the store.

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