There's a kid named Taylor Bates who goes to high school in Greenwood, South Carolina and he gets picked on a lot. He's white with red hair and wants to be a rapper, so that might have something to do with it.

There's a senior at his school named Tae Moore who's black and also wants to be a rapper. He's pretty popular and they'd never met before. But Tae didn't like hearing that other kids were giving Taylor a hard time.

Last Wednesday, he walked up to him and asked about his shoe size. Then he told him to meet him in the gym the next day and ended up giving him a brand new pair of retro Jordans just to cheer him up.

Those shoes usually go for about $150. Another student posted a video of it online, and you can tell it was a pretty big deal for Taylor. He put the shoes on, gave Tae a huge hug and told the local news he almost cried because it was so nice.

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