Jose was living out of his car in Wisconsin about two years ago after he went through a divorce. A friend of a friend offered to take care of his dog until he found a place to live.

Once he was back on his feet a few months later, they refused to give it back. The dog's name is Chaos, and at that point, Jose thought he'd never see Chaos again.

About two weeks ago, he got a call from a shelter that was just across the border in Illinois, one of the employees had found Chaos in her driveway. Jose's number was still linked to the I.D. Jose started crying on the phone, jumped in his car the next morning and drove down to get Chaos.

Winebago County Animal Services posted a video of them being reunited on Facebook, the dog went nuts. As soon as Chaos smelled Jose's hand, he knew who he was, started jumping all over him and wouldn't stop licking his face.