Is it the worst thing I've ever heard?  No.  Best?  No.

My opinion's called country because there's a steel guitar in it.  It's still in the pop/rock vein that Aerosmith has dabbled in for the past 20 years or so (save for Honkin on Bobo).  It's this reporters opinion that Steven Tyler is in the top 3, if not best, rock vocalists in it's got a "rock" filter on it by nature of his delivery.  Then hasn't been "country" for quite a while now and is leaning more toward rock with it's guitar solos and dudes with mohawks in the backing band.  It's all kind of merging together.  For better or worse.

People go to country music because country music fans still sell albums.  I'd hate to think Steven went there for the paycheck.  I'm going to assume this is just something that artistically he just had to get out.  I support him on this one.

Whether you like it or have to's not the worst solo music to come out of Aerosmith.

I rest my case...