Stephen Pearcy jumped back on the Pity Train, blaming everyone but himself for his 3rd term as the lead Ego of Ratt coming to an abrupt end.  Unfortunately for him, this train is as crowded as his Grammy statue case.  I am weary of the disproportionate amount of drama  I've put up with as a fan, waiting for any song to come from these guys in the last 25 years as good as one from their first 5.  It's a wait all of us rock fans can pinpoint.  Maybe yours is Van Halen, Rush, Queensrÿche (Bwahahahahaha sucker), but we all have a few that we hope will strike a match on a thread of their past songwriting magic.  Winger just put out a record this week that is a riff-heavy as anything they've ever done…money well-spent in my opinion.  Who could have seen THAT coming? But Ratt?  Pearcy's past empty promises of some great 'new sound' only alienates charter fans, and now--without the chemistry of any of his old friends, he pledges to carry on with his own solo stuff.  here's an idea, Steve, carry it right outside…where I won't have to hear it.  Sorry about your Guitarist, and your sister, but take that pain and put it into a song…not a lawsuit, which I'm sure will be the next song you hear Ratt's former original member singing.

Ethan Miller/getty images