If you've got some money and you want to show it off, you might as well make people say, "Wow, I'm jealous" not "Ugh, I'd rather be poor."


A new survey found the 10 things that used to be status symbols but now they just make you look like you're trying too hard. Check 'em out:

  1. A personalized license plate.
  2. A hot tub.
  3. Flashy sports cars.
  4. An expensive watch.
  5. A giant TV.
  6. A swimming pool.
  7. Gold faucets in the bathroom.
  8. A yacht.
  9. A pony.
  10. Fur coats.

So what status symbols are cool? The top five are: A second home, a personal chef, a vintage car, an au pair, and a gardener.

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