These folks were just tooling along a highway when all-of-a-sudden the cops are ALL over me, man! So the gal jumps or falls out of the car and the cops scoop her up. Oh, wait, my bad. They weren't driving? My mistake, the home must have had wheels.

Anyway, one of these jokers called the cops to the home because the OTHER one was making meth. No idea who's who yet, but girlie is charged with pot possession, and genius with meth possession (in addition to the sawed-off and the knives, but in Alabama I don't even know if they broke a law.) This is Jack Wagner and Tierra Jones. He's 53, she's 29. I bet Meth made them BETTER.

Hey man, Motorhead called, they want their evil stare back.

Sweet Home, indeed.

This is Jack Wagner? Really The singer of 'All I Need' from the 80's? Boy he's gone a long way down.