I love it when people try new things.  Especially in a small town like Fulton Il. There's a place called Awesometown, a non-profit that brings music education to kids & live music every Thursday...philosophy club, kids cooking class, writing workshops...pretty much anything creative you can think of.

Awesometown recently moved to an big old beautiful church.  They've got wires & mic's all over the sanctuary (which has got to sound GREAT) and amps set strategically in the stairwell in order to get the best reverb.

I took my daughter to see Charlie Parr a month or so ago (She still talks about his unique vocal style & about getting his autograph) & we got to explore the place.

It's a fun place with some great people who love music.  Below is a video from their web series, Blue Chair Chronicles, and some information from their Go Fund Me page.

"Hello to all. We are a Non Profit music studio/educational center. We are located in Fulton, Il 61252. My partner Bob Whitten and I started up a small 500 sq. foot building to host house concerts music lessons and just give adults and kids a home for there passions. We have been growing tremendously. We have just acquired a new building located in the same small town that is 20,000 sq. ft.  We started this facility to create a place for the arts/education. We now host house concerts every Thursday evening all proceeds go back to the artist. We also provide artsists with a free audio/video podcast to help promote themselves called, "The Bluechair Chronicles" www.bluechair.awesometownmvp.com

We have also started an afterschool program for kids from 3:30 to 5:30 mon-friday. This is a great outreach program for both the arts and education. We just recieved word as well from the State of Illinois we can now become a certified GED testing facility. Great news for individuals seeking to further there education and life. There are so many wonderful things were doing here it's hard to keep track of them all. Here is just a few of the things we are doing. Paint Classes children/adults, Music lessons, bible study, art gallery, church, festivals, christian based concerts, and much much more. Here is a link to our website to get a better understanding of the Awesome things we are doing.


The money will be used to keep the lights on and pay the bills in our facility so we can continue to educate and give the public an awesome place to share and enjoy there passions.

No one here at Awesometown takes pay. This is a strictly volunteer basis. We have around 30 volunteers at the moment and we are continuing to grow. Bob and I are both dedicated to giving people a place to spread their wings. We both lost our jobs due to medical issues and decided several years ago we would try and give back to our community. We have had our ups and downs and rocky roads. But, we have both kept our chins up and stayed strong. This is too important for us to quit. We both realized this isn't just our dream. It's dream many others share as well. We can't give up!

We are extemely thankful for any and all donations to this Awesome facility. Please Check us out on facebook and our website for furhter info.
Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts.
Sincerly, Bob Whitten and Charlie Crider
Awesometownmvp Directors/Owners