33-year-old Katie Blomquist teaches first grade in North Charleston, South Carolina. Almost all of the students at her school come from low-income families.


Last year, she took one of them to Walmart on his birthday to buy him some toys, because his parents couldn't. He asked her for a bike, which she couldn't afford.

Then she found out most of her students didn't have bikes. Katie decided it was one of those essential things that makes childhood so great.

She recently started a GoFundMe campaign to buy bikes for every kid in her entire school, about 650 of them. In the first month, she raised $25,000.

As right now shes just over halfway to her goal. Each bike should cost around $100, so she needs a total of $65,000 to do it. If she raises that much, a bike shop in Charleston is going to customize all 650 bikes for free, and put each kid's name on them. She's hoping to raise enough to buy them all helmets and bike locks too.

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