A couple weeks ago, I posted a picture of the massive pile of snow that's near Dillard's in the parking lot of North Park Mall and asked for predictions as to when it'll be completely gone.

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Here's what you predicted:

March 17th - 21st:         5%
March 24th - 28th:        17%
March 31st - April4th:   26%
April 7th - 11th:             28%
April 14th - 18th:           20%
There will still be snow May 1st 9%

So if you guessed it'd be gone last week or this week, it looks like you're out of the running.  The high temps from late last week did a number on it but it's hanging on!  Here's a little time-lapse view of the snow pile:

I'll keep grabbing pictures until there's absolutely nothing.