As new generations become technologically savvy at an earlier age, we now have to worry about scammers that haven't even started first grade.

Six-year-old Kaitlin took over her mother's Amazon account and ordered herself a bunch of toys from the online retailer. The girls mom didn't realize what had happened until a giant pile of boxes got delivered.

Kaitlin was allowed to order herself a Barbie doll, under supervision, for her upcoming birthday. Having been bitten by the shopping bug, she asked her mom to log on to Amazon so she could track the package. That's when Kaitlin went to work and ordered herself some more toys.

The pile of boxes were as tall as Kaitlin herself when they got dropped off a day later. Despite racking up a $350 bill for the toys, she was still allowed to keep the Barbie doll. The rest of the toys, video games, and board games were donated to a local children's hospital.

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