This is a coincidence that's so incredible it's hard to believe, but it's true.

Two sisters named Eun-Sook and Pok-nam Shin lived in South Korea in the early '70s. After some family issues and tragedy, they were placed in separate orphanages and lost each other for good.

(Holly O'Brien)

Eun-Sook was adopted in 1976 by an American family in Kingston, New York, and took the name Meagan Hughes. Pok-nam was adopted in 1978 by a family in Alexandria, Virginia, and became Holly O'Brien.

Now they're both in their 40s, and Holly got a job earlier this year at a hospital in Sarasota, Florida as a nursing assistant. Three months later, Meagan got a nursing job at the same hospital, working the same shift on the same floor.

They became friends, and eventually realized they might be long lost sisters. Even they thought it was too big of a coincidence to be true, so they took DNA tests, which came back a match.

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