Nicole Carroll is a master at juggling taking care of her kids, going to college, doing homework, and working her job as a pizza delivery driver. Never did she expect to get an $1,800 tip from a delivery.

Last Saturday Cornerstone Community Church did something incredible for one of our delivery drivers, thank you so much. Nicole has had a huge positive impact on mine, my families, and many of her co-workers lives by the effort to life she brings everyday that makes our world better. She works here full-time, goes to Pierce College, and is raising two children. Their generosity found it's way to the right family at the right time! This is such an example of good people helping good people.It is my hope this is just a seed of generosity that grows, and produces lots more seeds, which in turn produces more with each generation getting stronger. So in this post I'm not asking you to buy a pizza or predict a score of a football game. I am asking you to polish the good in yourself and let it shine brighter to brighten the good in someone else. It doesn't take money that was one of the tools in this instance, it just takes the good that's built inside us!For example, if you see someone who's on edge because their having a bad day. Take two minutes to say something to help their energy become more positive. They don't take that negative energy you've destroyed and infect others with it. Maybe they would have went home and not been too positive with their kids, which in turn took away their positive energy they needed to get through a tough home work assignment. Instead they don't do it, and their struggles in that class gets deeper, eventually getting so deep they fail and don't graduate. If you took a couple minutes maybe that same person walks in the door ask how their kids day was, makes them smile, helps them with their homework builds a stronger relationship with their parents and gets the self confidence they need to go onto to college. Maybe that same kid becomes a paramedic and saves your life 20 years later and everything comes full circle. Sounds a little corny but it's real! Instances just like this have shaped my life, and I see them shaping others positive and negative everyday.I know many of you are already doing so much good, because we have such a great community here in Puyallup! I ask you to share your ideas and experiences, and spread the seeds of your good the seeds will grow and reseed! Put a #goodpeoplehelpinggoodpeople share your good deeds. Many times the biggest long lasting impact comes from the smallest deeds. Thank you again to Cornerstone Community Church your seed wasn't the first but it is powerful. I hope we can show you it's amazing ability to reproduce in many shapes and sizes! Thank you those of you who took the time to read this and watch the video. I look forward to drawing inspiration and strength from your shared experiences!

Posted by Pizza Time Puyallup on Monday, November 30, 2015

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