This is the anniversary of the stabbing death of Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend and enabler of Sid Vicious of "Sex Pistols" fame.  He may have killed her, or it might have been a drug dealer who frequently came to their room/home at the Hotel Chelsea in NYC.  On his first night out on bail awaiting trial, Sid died of a heroin overdose.  That, too, was surrounded by mystery as to who provided it, and who administered it.  Sid's mother has taken the credit saying he told her he "could not face going back to prison".  She also claims to have found a suicide note, where Sid felt the need to live up to his half of a suicide pact with Nancy.

Nancy was a schizophrenic with a huge IQ.  She openly stated she didn't expect to live to 21.  Sid was an original member of the Sex Pistols, but he was not a good bass player.  His work is barely featured on the only studio album they ever did, and he was in the hospital for most of the recording session.  He was pretty much a drug addict by the time he met Nancy, but together they did "volumes" of drugs.  The two of them were doomed from the start.  October 12th, 1978 was just their most infamous chapter.

By the way, "Sid Vicious" was so named after Johnny Rotten's hamster (named Sid) bit him on the hand one day

Sid Vicious