America is divided. Should you shower in the morning or at night? Health researchers recently tried to find which time of day is best for you to shower.

  • Showering in the morning will help you solve a problem. Showering in the AM will kickstart your day and is similar to meditation. If you've been unable to come up with a solution to your problem, showering will help put in the back of your mind and let your subconscious mind mull it over.
  • Shower in the morning if you cut yourself shaving. The levels of your blood-clotting platelets are the highest in the morning. Which means you'll bleed less by shaving in the shower in the morning.
  • Showering at night will help you fall asleep. Warm showers will raise your internal body temperature while under the water and when you step out it will drop. As your body temperature lowers it will align with your natural temperature regulation and will help you wind down.
  • Shower at night if you have oily skin. Your skin's oil production hits its peak at about 1PM. An evening shower will clean off oils, dirt, makeup, pollutants, and pollen that builds up on your skin.

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