Let's count this guy's bad decisions. 36-year-old Michael Erick of Baden, Pennsylvania went to a Sheetz convenience store last week and shoplifted a bunch of stuff. That was his first bad decision.

The cops stopped him and figured out he was driving a stolen pickup truck. That was his second bad decision.

They told him to get out, but he didn't, even after they used a taser on him. Then he slammed on the gas while a cop was hanging onto his side mirror. That was his third bad decision. The cop flew off, but luckily he was okay.

Then Michael got into a high-speed car chase, which was his fourth bad decision.

He finally crashed after about 15 minutes, and tried to run away. But the cops caught him and found he was wearing a t-shirt that said "Really good at making really bad decisions."

Beaver County Prison

He's facing a bunch of charges including aggravated assault, criminal mischief, theft, and fleeing police.

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