Carolynn Wright, a 23-year-old stripper in South Carolina was in the news last year after she pleaded guilty to assaulting a bartender with one of her stripper heels.

Now she's in trouble again. She shoplifted some condoms, lube, and underwear from a Walmart in Myrtle Beach on Sunday and assaulted three women who tried to stop her.

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Two female employees confronted her when she tried to walk out of the store, and she punched one of them in the head. She also saw a woman trying to call 911, and started pulling her hair. At some point during all that, she was fighting with the other employee and bit part of her finger off. Carolynn was still in the parking lot when the cops got there.

She was sitting in a van with a 71-year-old guy who claims he had no idea what was happening. When they couldn't leave because someone was standing in front of his van blocking it, she tried to get him to run the person over.

She's facing charges for aggravated assault, simple assault, and larceny. Police found the woman's fingertip on the floor, but unfortunately doctors weren't able to reattach it.

Myrtle Beach Police Department

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