As a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, Pat Miletich will be rappelling off the 27-story Financial Center in downtown Des Moines. If we raise enough money, Michaels will be joining him!

We did it! You guys raised $1,405 and tomorrow morning Michaels will be going Over the Edge with Pat Miletich tomorrow morning! Check back for the video.

A fundraiser is being planned for next month to benefit Special Olympics Iowa, challenging those brave enough to climb down the face of one of Iowa’s tallest buildings. Chick Herbert, who serves on the Special Olympics Iowa board, is inviting thrill-seekers to take part in an event that’s known as “Over The Edge.”


Last year’s event had about 80 participants and it raised more than $100,000 for the charity. “Everybody who does it, it’s an incredibly exciting event for them because it’s very unique,” Herbert says. “It’s about a 350-foot rappel which is a pretty good rappel and not something most people have done. When their feet hit the ground, they’re pretty excited, pretty pumped and just happy to be back on land.”

Former world champion UFC fighter Pat Miletich will be one of the VIPs at the event. For Iowans who have an affection for their workplace supervisor, or maybe for those who DON’T like their supervisor, there’s another option. “We’ve got a fun program called Toss Your Boss,” Herbert says. “It’s an opportunity for employees to pool their money together and have a manager go over the edge. We’ve got different creative ways to encourage people to give.”

If you want to donate or register for Over the Edge, you can do so at the Special Olympics website.