Are your chances of landing a job better if you're the first person they interview, or the last? A recently study published in the "Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology" found it's neither.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Researchers at Old Dominion University in Virginia analyzed over 600 interviews for different jobs, and found the person who was most likely to get hired was the candidate who interviewed fourth.

They found that hiring managers took about five minutes to decide if the first person they interviewed was right for the job. Then it went up after that. By the fourth interview, they took eight minutes to decide. So you have more time to impress.

After that it started going down. And by the tenth interview, it was closer to four minutes.

Obviously there's no way to make sure you're interviewed fourth. But if you know they're doing a lot of interviews that day, try to get an early one.

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