I thought we were at a point where schools weren't allowed to psychologically torture kids anymore. This school clearly didn't get that memo.


Last week, during the morning announcements at Brodhead High School in Brodhead, Wisconsin, the principal told the school that four students had just died in a car accident.

Kids started crying, some of them called their parents, everyone was traumatized and then, a few minutes later, the principal got back on the loudspeaker and told everyone it wasn't true. The entire thing was just a drill to send a message about safe driving.

The four kids who were declared "dead" were part of the plan, they stayed home that morning and weren't allowed to text their friends or tell them what was happening.

Surprisingly not that many kids' parents complained, but the superintendent did issue a formal apology and said, "While we stand by the worthiness of the activity, we recognize the flaws with how it was communicated."

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