A new study came up with a huge list of the most important etiquette rules in the digital era. In other words, rules you should follow when it comes to texting and social media.

Andreas Rentz
    Here are the top ten:

  1. Don't overshare on Facebook.
  2. Don't snoop through your partner's phone. Also don't make them suspicious by erasing your text messages.
  3. Don't post on social media when you're emotional or angry.
  4. Don't hit "reply all" on a group email unless you really think everyone needs to see it.
  5. Never send a text when you're drunk.
  6. Don't use emojis in text messages or emails that are work related.
  7. Always text someone if you're going to be late.
  8. Don't wish close friends a happy birthday on Facebook. Call or text them.
  9. Never use a text message to dump someone.
  10. Never text someone bad news, always call.

The study also found the average person sends 31 texts a day, six tweets, 11 emails and posts comments or messages on Facebook 13 times a day.

Read more rules at BT.com.