3 years ago on this date, James Hetfield of Metallica was inducted in to the Hall of Fame at his first high School in Downey, California - a Los Angeles Suburb.  At the time, he was quoted as saying ".. I hated my school, literally .. I hid it in MY music, and the music I listened to..."  So this gives me 2 thoughts, today.  First, thank God the school had a music program to offer him a constructive way of dealing with his dis-association ... and, Second .. Because he DIDN'T go out and buy a gun and come to school one day and start shooting, in my opinion and in today's environment, qualifies him as a role model!   So Metallica fans, and James Hetfield fans ... today I salute you!   And by the way,  Downey High School has 2 other famous former alums ... Karen and Richard Carpenter, yuk!